Oct 29

Why you shouldn’t be too hard on the New Mom who’s disappointed in her baby’s gender reveal…

Why you shouldn’t be too hard on the New Mom who’s disappointed in her baby’s gender reveal…


I miscarried my first pregnancy. I felt I was destined not to have kids. I finally got pregnant and my baby stuck. I had strong feelings it was a boy. In all of my dreams our child was a beautifully funny little boy. My husband already had a daughter, and he’s the last man of his line. I wanted to give him a son.

When the ultrasound tech revealed the gender of my child was a girl I asked if she was sure and then huge tears started rolling down my face. After i got dressed she came back in the room and blew up at me telling me I should be thankful for what I got some women couldn’t have children period! What she couldn’t possibly know is in the moment I was told Sarina was a girl, my dreams for my son were crushed. All of my hopes for his future playing ball with his daddy, football games, chasing frogs, fishing, hunting, camo jackets and blue jeans, all of it. The beautiful funny little boy in my dreams was taken away from me all in that instant. I already loved the child I was so strongly convinced I was carrying. It was almost like having another miscarriage emotionally.

Skipping forward to today 10 years later… I miscarried another time or two over the years until my body decided to grow a mass the size of a small baby. The night I went to the er and found out about the mass I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t in labor. I was having so much pain and pressure. It resulted in a major cancer scare and me losing my womb at 30.

I’ll never hold a son in my arms. Those dreams are forever lost now. Though I wouldn’t trade my little girl, I always thought there would be more time for more babies, and I’d have my little girl one day. When you’re young you can dream your life out to be anything you want it to be. I wanted the “American Dream” my 2.5 kids, a dog, and a white picket fence. I wanted my daughter to have an older brother to look out for her. I was the oldest of my family and often had to take on the role of the “older brother” saving my siblings from things they got themselves into. I wanted my daughter to have the security I never had of having an older stronger sibling to watch out for her. God had different plans for my family though.

God knew… He knew she’d be my one and only. He knew I’d connect with her in ways I couldn’t with a little boy. He knew I needed her. I wouldn’t trade her for anything she is my reason for getting out of bed every morning. She is the love of my life. I’ve enjoyed every moment of pigtails, dresses, and hairbows and I needed those things in my life. But I still surprised myself even today crying while I told you this story of a disappointing gender reveal for the son I never got to meet.

Sometimes you only get a glimpse of the anger or disappointment on the surface of someone else… You can’t ever truly know the mind, heart, and soul of another. One of my favorite sayings growing up was “Be kind to others, they may be fighting a harder battle than you know about.”

All of that said… You are allowed to explore things you don’t understand about others’ processes and the why. If you offend it happens. Some people don’t have a why… But some people didn’t go through the struggle and don’t realize how lucky they are and for that they don’t realize the need to be thankful for the mundane.

*steps off my soapbox*

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Oct 27

Motion Activated LED Night Light Review

zitradesnightlight Motion Activated LED Night Light Review


Rather it be the bathroom or the kids bedroom nightlights are an inevitable part of parenthood. Everyone is scared of the Boogieman the first 10 years of life… well almost everyone. Today for your viewing pleasure I’ve done a quick review of this beautiful LED Night Light sent to me by Zitrades.

I’ve pretty much taken care of the Boogie man/scared of the dark problem in my house by turning on every light, because even as an adult I’m still scared of things that go bump in the night. (Don’t judge me! LOL) Seriously the electric company loves me. But I was thinking I’d place this light in my pantry I can’t see the spiders and dust bunnies in the corners and that bothers me. Maybe I’m just getting old and my vision is dimming. Who knows? I seriously can’t read food labels even with the kitchen lights on. So that was my plan, however now that the light is here it’s kind of pretty to hide in the pantry so I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it just yet. As I said before the other rooms in the house are covered for night lights.

This light is about 6″ wide and about 4″ tall it’s not a small light and being an LED it puts out a decent amount of light. The finish on the front is decorative and “stainless”. It takes 4 AA batteries which is really convenient I like things that take AA’s they’re easy to find and rechargeables are also relatively easy to come by.

Take a few minutes and check out my video review:

You can get your own gorgeous LED motion activated LED Night Light from Zitrades on Amazon!

I received the product mentioned above at a discount, for my honest review, this however did not influence the review of the product the thoughts and feeling expressed here are 100% my own after testing out and trying this item. For more information please see our disclosure and review policies.

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Oct 22

Grill Gloves & Meat Claws review


Grill Gloves & Meat Claws Review


I am a master klutz as I’ve mentioned in a few of my reviews and there’s nothing more klutzy and painful than a kitchen burn. In walks these babies. Heat resistant silicone gloves for the grill and oven. My husband left his hand in my crockpot which I’ve burned my arm on numerous times lately with the temperature of the liquid over 190 degrees with these gloves on and said his hand didn’t even feel warm. Now that’s really something to brag about. These gloves are nice and thick but not bulky and cumbersome. He was able to carry a pork loin across the kitchen to be shredded with the dog on the floor just begging for him to drop it. No slip! What I really was interested in, in this purchase are these meat claws that come in this kitchen set. These claws made a kitchen task that usually takes me several minutes of letting the meat cool and then several minutes with a fork shredding the meat into a less than 2 minute process start to finish to shred 2lbs of pork loin for bbq sandwiches. I knew that I’d probably love the claws (Haha I can just imagine myself as a bear tearing up my meal!) but seeing what quick work it made of processing the meat for dinner tonight I more in love than I even imagined!



I received the product mentioned above at a discount, for my honest review, this however did not influence the review of the product the thoughts and feeling expressed here are 100% my own after testing out and trying this item. For more information please see our disclosure and review policies.

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Oct 17

Phat Mat Silicone Baking Mat Review


 Phat Mat Silicone Baking Mat Review


There’s no secret that I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets and when I saw that silicone baking mats were becoming the new in cooking thing I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to give it a try. The good people over at Brijtek LLC gave me that chance recently.

Phat Mat is a quality specimen of what a silicone baking mat should be. It fit neatly in my baking sheet and did just exactly the job that I expected it to do. I was a bit surprised when pulling the mat out of the package because it felt sticky to the touch and that threw me off. I’m not sure what I was expecting of a silicone mat, but it wasn’t for it to be sticky, though considering it now I don’t know why I didn’t. The mat gripped the pan and didn’t allow my baked goods to slide while prepping them to go in the oven nor while transporting in or out of the oven. Heat transfer appears to have been even and my cookies baked up nicely. No burned bottoms and cooked through out. The cookies didn’t stick to the mat without any added grease, and were easy to move around even before baking the dough lifting cleanly off the mat even though it was a bit moist. Overall this mat is a great investment. It will save me many sheets of aluminum foil and parchment paper over the next few years and rinses clean with no issue.

I received the product mentioned above at a discount, for my honest review, this however did not influence the review of the product the thoughts and feeling expressed here are 100% my own after testing out and trying this item. For more information please see our disclosure and review policies.

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Aug 31

Portable Heavy Duty Stool

Portable Heavy Duty StoolSturdy, heavy duty, portable, and light weight

What else could you ask for in a stool?

This little stool is nice and sturdy. I am slightly over 300lbs and it held up with no issues, or serious give when I sat on it. These stools are advertised to hold up to 400lbs which makes them a good purchase for any plus size person such as myself.

The plastic seat is slightly textured for a no slip grip. The legs slightly curve out to give a wider stance making this sturdier than I anticipated. It has a built in handle for easy carrying. The design is compact and it’s easy to fold up and put away. Literally you grab the handle and pick up this light weight chair and the legs collapse with the seat part folded neatly on top of the stool’s legs.

I will probably keep this in the trunk of my car for those events where we are short on chairs. You never know when you are going to get stuck somewhere and need a chair for a long wait!

If there was anything I would change about this stool is if it’s being marketed to hold 400lbs the seat needs to be wider. At 300lbs my rear end is pretty wide, and while this seat provides enough coverage that I’m not uncomfortable if I was closer to 400lbs it might be too narrow.

My closing thoughts…? Finally a fold up stool that will stand up to my fat ass

You can find this awesome little stool on Amazon:

I received the product mentioned above at a discount, for my honest review, this however did not influence the review of the product the thoughts and feeling expressed here are 100% my own after testing out and trying this item. For more information please see our disclosure and review policies.

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Aug 28

My Hero Had a Stroke…



My Hero Had a Stroke…


My Daddy could move mountains. My Daddy never settled for something he felt was an injustice, not for himself, not for my Mother, not for me, and not for any of my siblings. Daddy fought for what was right always in a bull headed fashion and typically he got what he wanted and deserved because of it. People would give in just so they didn’t have to keep dealing with him. He was a master at making life miserable for someone who crossed him. Daddy was a rock. Daddy knew how to get things done and make stuff happen. Daddy was an amazing man.
In 2006 I was pregnant with my daughter. My parents moved away to Mississippi and left me in Florida. Daddy had finally gotten to go home to the farm something he’d wanted for as long as I can remember. Daddy was thrilled. He was finally at home on the farm, reconnecting with his childhood friends, and he’d even made a deal to lease the store my grand-father had owned when my Dad was a boy. Daddy grew up in that store and everything he’d ever wanted was finally falling into place. Something a man who worked hard all of his life truly deserved. Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any better tragedy struck. Daddy was at the local big box store buying necessities to throw a community fish fry for the stores grand opening… when he dropped his keys at the cash register and couldn’t manage to pick them up.weddingdad2

At 49 years old daddy was having a stroke. The cashier didn’t understand what was going on, she kept insisting that they pay or get out of line. My brother and sister were screaming for her to call 911. Finally someone snatched the phone from her and called for EMS.

The closest large hospital with the clot busting drug was an hour away, and no one at the po-dunk hospital they took him too recognized immediately the need to transfer him, and administer that all too important medication. (Clot busters administered within a brief period after a stroke minimize the overall damage and most patients regain most of their facilities soon after being given the medication and rest.) Once it was mentioned it was too late to have a significant effect.

Daddy lost the use of his left side. No more driving, no more walking, no more bear hugs, no more working. Daddy worked hard his entire life, he even dreamed about working on cars twisting phantom wrenches in the middle of the night. Daddy was depressed. His father had also had a stroke at a young age, and Daddy believed himself invincible (Superman always was) it couldn’t happen to him too, but it did. The stroke also messed with his personality. The little voice that said maybe you shouldn’t do that went on permanent vacation and his get up and go, got up and left.daddy

But Daddy was still here. I could still call him on the phone and have a conversation with him. Ask him for advice, or pick his brain on a plethora of topics. Daddy was a Jack of all Trades. Daddy knew the ins and outs of dealing with local government, working on anything mechanical, any home repair, fishing, hunting, farming, and just about anything else you could come up with. Daddy was the original Google. If he didn’t know the answer to something he had ideas on who to call to get that info. (Little did I realize at the time how lucky that made me. I would give the moon and stars to be able to call him now…)


Daddy was confined to a wheelchair. Daddy was unhappy. He was never a man to show strong positive emotions in the first place, he seemed daunting and scary to my little one. He was so excited to be a grandpa, he wanted to take her fishing, and ride her around on his tractor. He felt like those things had been stolen from him, and so he never tried really hard to form a bond with my daughter, and she became frightened of him. My heart broke, and I’m sure his did too. She’ll never know my dad to be a great man. She’ll never get to experience the awesome grandpa I imagine he would have been. It’s torture to think of the dreams I had for them.

But Daddy was still here he got to meet Sarina and the many other grand kids that my siblings produced over the next 6 years.

I stayed away far too much over the next several years. Seeing the greatest man I ever knew stuck in a wheelchair mad at the world unable to do hardly anything for himself was crushing. I wanted to scream at him tell him it was time to get out of the funk and participate in his life. That he was spared death and that he was still here to live not muddle in his despair. I wanted to tell him to get up and work hard in physical therapy like he had at everything else he’d ever been faced with that this was just another challenge to over come and that it was in him to do it just like ever thing he’d already over come to get where he was. He was so sad… he seemed so unlike himself it was like he was here but he wasn’t. Like daddy had left the building and that his body was just still animated. Maybe if I had… maybe if I had he’d still be here today. Maybe it would have given him the kick in the ass he needed to get up and stop feeling sorry for himself and rehab. There’s little doubt in my mind that if Dad had regained the ability to walk that he would have gone back to normal for the most part. But it wasn’t in him anymore… maybe a long hard life of overcoming countless adversities, maybe losing the farm and a life he daydreamed about right after it all came together, maybe it was just something else the stroke stole from him.


Here’s my PSA:

Putting all of this out there, sharing my pain with all of you has to amount to something, I can’t just write this long self absorbed, self loathing diatribe, without it having a purpose or a meaning so here’s my PSA for all of you.

There were lots of warning signs before Dad had his stroke, that could have allowed for early detection. He kept putting off going to the Doctor. Gamp (My Grandfather) lost his life too, because he kept putting off going to the doctor, but that’s a story for another day. If dad had gone to the doctor and the doctor had been diligent in his duties they would have easily realized that dad was at risk for having a stroke soon. Dad’s carotid artery was 90+% blocked. Dad had lots of warning signs, waning energy, headaches, difficulty doing tasks that require excessive concentration.

A few days ago my Uncle had a stroke. He didn’t go to the hospital he thought he was just having inner ear issues. My Grandmother had several TIA‘s before she had a massive stroke and they were diagnosed by the emergency clinic as an ear infection. This is a common misdiagnoses for TIA’s it would seem.


If you feel something isn’t right, if you feel drained, if you’re having constant headaches, if you are having trouble with tasks that are common for you. Go to the Doctor! Early detection of risk factors can save your life. If you see these in someone you love don’t take no for an answer insist they get checked out.

If you believe you or someone you love is having a stroke get them to a hospital immediately, and then make it known that they need to have access to the clot busting drugs immediately. If Dad had been administered these drugs after his stroke he would still be here today.

For more information on strokes, warning signs, and treatments, please visit the National Stroke Association.

If my pain saves one life, prevents one stroke, or causes one person to realize that they are ignoring someone out of pain or guilt that is misplaced… putting all of this out here will be totally worth it. The tears I’ve shed today won’t have been in vain.

With Love,


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Nov 04

100 Glow Stick Bracelets For Halloween Fun


100 Glow Stick Bracelets For Halloween Fun

Never in my life have I seen so many glow sticks in one place! These arrived in a red white and blue canister and my first thought was… huh why’d I get fireworks in the mail?!?! Well they were colorful like fireworks. My daughter and husband had a blast turning the lights and dancing around the house covered in glow sticks. They made belts and necklaces, some sort of pom pom… I caught some of the antics on video and if I can ever figure out my video editing software I’ll add some of the fun for you guys to watch.

These also arrived in time for Halloween so we put them in the kids Halloween candy buckets, and they lit them up like flashlights. Halloween night and dark colored costumes are always a hazard so every year we buy several glow sticks to help light up the kids and keep them safe. It doesn’t hurt that they love this practice! I have really seen some creative uses for glow sticks in the last few months here are a few of our favorites.

These specific glow sticks we’re a good deal for the price. I did have a few cons to mention. The container was rigid and I accidentally dumped the glow sticks out when I was trying to put them back I broke open several and had to get them out of the pile and give them to the munchkin to play with.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Oct 29

reCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap


reCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap

There’s nothing more southern than sitting on the front porch and sipping sweet tea out of an old mason jar, I mean except looking down into your tea glass and going, “UGH! How did that derned bug get into my tea!”. I’ve probably said that a million times in my life! Lord knows I’ve wasted more tea than I want to tell because once a bug takes a swim in your cup you’ve got to dump the whole thing out.

I’ve bought all kinds of cups with lids and straws, but I’m constantly misplacing one piece or another of those things. I was sitting here thinking to myself wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just find a lid that would fit the glasses that are already in my cabinet…? Well Ta Da! Wish granted! I found these nifty mason jar lids.

They screw right on to whatever standard mason jar is hanging around in your cabinet. Magically you have a nice covered cup, a candy jar, or a place to keep nails or other small hardware. These pour lids have an easy pour spout that is designed to easily pour the contents of your mason jar out into another waiting receptacle like your mouth. Hahaha.

The hinge on the spout cover is solid and doesn’t feel like it might eventually wear out or tear off like I’ve seen happen to other cups I’ve bought that had lids included. The lid also fits perfectly leaving the jar solidly closed. Earlier tonight I made instant tea and screwed the lid on and shook it to mix it. My most recently departed lidded cup would have showered me with sticky tea drops, but not the reCap lid, it was snug and dry.

This lid would also make a mason jar the perfect storage container for homemade dressing with it’s easy open convenient pour spout. Other goodies like honey could also be stored in the cabinet, anything that you’d normally can and put up but regularly open would benefit from this easy on and off lid. The reCap closes and seals tightly enough that you could probably store syrup in an anthill, but I wouldn’t try it *wink*.

There are a million and one uses for these reCap mason jar lids I’m sure! Now that I’ve shared a few ideas I had immediately for my kitchen with you, go grab a few of these lids and toss them in your junk drawer. If nothing else keeping grandpa’s cigarette ashes, and the random gnat who wants to go for a swim in your tea out of your glass is totally worth the purchase.

I received a reCap mason jar lid the product mentioned above at no cost using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Oct 28

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale

digital scale

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale


I’ll make no bones about it I’ve been wanting one of these digital kitchen scales like this for food portioning and such for awhile so I was ecstatic when this scale came in the mail. This nifty little scale comes with a plastic case one piece for the bottom and one piece for the actual scale platform. Both of these piece can be flipped upside down and used to catch small loose items like shredded cheese, flour, sugar, or baking soda, to make weighing loose product that much easier. This scale also has a nifty feature where it zeros out the weight of the packaging (like the plastic covers or any other bowl you place on the scale. There’s only one tiny draw back to this scale, it only weighs up to like 16 or 18 oz. I find myself needing it to weigh packages that are a bit heavier than this but I worked around the issue by weighing the items separately.

I really wanted this scale for use in the kitchen and that’s the main reason I’ve been looking forward to purchasing one of these but unfortunately I haven’t had even one opportunity to use this in the kitchen because my office stole it! Yep my home office confiscated this scale as soon as it came out of the package and I immediately went to using this scale to weigh packages so that I could purchase accurate postage amounts for the items I’ve been selling on ebay. I actually may have to purchase a second scale! If you know anything about the US postal service… you know that this scale is accurate. I have had no problems with the scale giving me the wrong weight, and therefor have had no issues with my postage. The mail man literally brought me a package once and told me I’d have to pay the 2 cents that the seller shorted them in postage or they would return the item to the sender. Can you believe that??? I couldn’t! Wouldn’t it cost more to return it to him than to make me go dig for change out of the blue? Ah well. The post office is a story for another day.

Anyway if you are looking for a kitchen scale or even a scale to weigh your small packages for shipping this is your go to product, I highly recommend picking up one of these scales. :)


I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for my unbiased review using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Oct 15

Emmy’s Best Pet Odor and Stain Eraser Review


Emmy’s Best Pet Odor and Stain Eraser Review

Emmy’s Best Pet Odor and Stain Eraser arrived and to be honest I didn’t have high hopes for this product I’d tried other pet pee “erasers” and had very little luck. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this product worked.

Did you hear we rescued a “puppy”? I wrote about it here “Saving Roxy“. Roxy as the newest member of the family doesn’t fully understand the house rules of no peeing on the floor. (ARG! Nothing drives me more insane) We are however diligently working on this problem and showing definite signs of progress 3 months later, we’ve almost eliminated the issue. I think this spray has also helped.

When potty training a dog if you use puppy pads you are teaching the poor critter that it’s ok to pee on clothes discarded on the floor, because the clothes are basically the same material. Think about how much your wet towel looks just like that puppy pad… Now the easiest resolution for this is to stop throwing clothes on the floor, but I have an 8 year old and that just isn’t an option at this time. I also found that, small rugs became a target for pee, thanks to someone trying to house train Roxy with puppy pads. The rug at the front door took the brunt of the damage, and yep, you guessed it, it was about the same size and shape as a puppy pad. Puppy pads are the devil, have I mentioned that? (There is an indoor potty training solution, but that’s a story for another day)

The rug at the front door was ready to hit the trash can it had been abused so many times, but I thought what the heck let’s give it a try. I hosed it down with Emmy’s Best Pet Odor and Stain Eraser. My first impression was that it didn’t smell at all like I was expecting. Other sprays I’ve bought over the years smelled terrible. There’s a light scent to this spray that I can’t put my finger on. Either way smells tend to drive me nuts and I didn’t want to cover up the pet odor with flowers I wanted it to go away, and sure enough that’s what I got with this spray. The rug at the front door hasn’t been touched by Roxy since, and that was a month ago. *happy dance*

After seeing this work on our rugs, I decided to use it everywhere, in fact my bottle is almost gone. I took Emmy’s Best to my Mother In Law’s house and doused her furniture with it to get rid of the general dog and cat odors as well as a spiteful kitty “accident”. She was so impressed by how well this stuff worked she went out and bought her own bottle of odor remover. I also ended up using this in the back seat of my car to get rid of “kid smells” move over Febreze. I don’t know what this stuff has in it but it worked to neutralize every lingering odor I attempted to kill with it.

The only down side I can see is that, it’s a little pricey. At about $20 a bottle I would hesitate to buy this on Amazon, having not tried it myself previously. Especially when Walmart carries other similar products at about half the price. Why should you buy Emmy’s Best Pet Odor and Stain Eraser anyway? The size of the bottle is fairly large in comparison with what I’ve seen in stores, and the product works without perfuming the whole house with an overpowering scent that may just be masking the odors instead of getting rid of them.


I received the product mentioned above at no cost using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe my readers will benefit from.

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